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Schizophrenia Symptoms - 5 Facts That a Psychiatrist Doctor Won't Tell You About Your Schizophrenia

During the recent years since I had my first psychosis, I discovered that psychiatrist doctors in the mental health field, keeps a silent agreement between them - not to tell and share they're expensive information about the sufferer's state, and so long that you don't hire them to be your privet doctor, they will keep away from you a vital information concerning yours or your loved one's state.

Here are 5 facts that psychiatrist will probably keep away from you, letting you find out them by yourself in the hard way:

1) Their observation

Doctors will hide from you what is the exact disorder that you or your loved one suffers from, unless you ask them to conduct an expensive evaluation test, although they know exactly what it is.

2) The chances that your disorder would go away

Doctors will hide from you the truth about your disorder, that it won't go away, and that you have to take treatment for the rest of your life. Usually, a short period after stricken by a psychosis, they would try to make you go through another disorder in order to confront you with this fact.

3) Drugs side affects

Doctors usually would hide from you your list of drug's side affects, by letting you discover them by yourself. They won't even tell you that there is a difference between the various kinds of anti psychotic drugs and they're way of action.

4) Talking behind your back

Doctors would usually speak about your situation and sometimes all of the above, with your spouse, loved one or your mother and usually behind your back, by trying to hide from you vital information by the slim excuse that those facts can harm you.

5) Alternative and complementary treatments

Doctors will make you believe that drugs would solve the problem once and for all. They will conceal from you the fact that if you won't use other kinds of treatments such as therapy, support groups or a routine, then you probably won't get back to what you were before the crisis.

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