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Schizophrenia Prevention - Simple Measures to Prevent Schizophrenia

As per the popular saying "Prevention is better than cure", preventive measures can be adopted to prevent Schizophrenia. The preventive measures are suggested for everyone, especially for those who are more susceptible to developing the disorder. These include people who have family history of Schizophrenia, whose siblings or parents have Schizophrenia and occasionally experience some symptoms of Schizophrenia. Listed below are some of the preventive measures that can be adopted easily.

Taking care of your diet

"Watch what you eat!" One must take care to increase the amount of water intake and quantity of fresh fruits, vegetables and juices in their diet and at the same time, reduce the consumption of junk food which has low nutritional value. One must eliminate possible sources of toxins in their diet. Some toxins, as suggested by several studies are artificial sweeteners, certain food additives like quinoline yellow, alknet, amaranth and alkannin. It is always advisable to but reliable food product brands to be sure of the nutritional content within.

Maintaining proper hygiene and cleanliness

As the human body ages, several toxins and unwanted things get deposited inside our systems. Therefore, it is important to cleanse not just the outer body but the inner systems of our body as well. Some ways to maintain external hygiene are commonly known as taking regular baths, wearing clean clothes and etc. Some ways to perform internal cleansing are thorough bowel cleansing which can be done by taking coffee enama or yoghurt enema; kidney cleansing, for example, dissolve kidney stones which can be performed by eating watermelon and drinking sufficient water.

Getting involved in physical activities

One must get involved in some form of physical activity like swimming, brisk walking, skipping, jogging etc. Physical activity not only helps in keeping the body fit but also boasts the immune system. Exercising and playing sports also help in reducing stress; moreover if a person is playing certain games and is involved in team building, then his team spirit, ability to work with others, patience and cooperation also increase.

Proper care during pregnancy:

Proper care of diet and lifestyle in very important during pregnancy as complications during pregnancy is also a possible cause of Schizophrenia in the new born child. Apart from keeping a healthy diet, pregnant women should protect themselves from viral infections and avoid stress as much as possible.

Avoiding stress through meditation and spiritualism:

In the busy life of today, it is getting hard for people to spare time for themselves. There is a lot of stress and emotional disturbance which they have to undergo in their day to day life. Such constant high level of stresses can result in different mental disorders. Therefore, people should try to make a regular commitment to participate in activities such as meditation to release stress and stay happy in their lives. It is also advisable to read books on spiritualism and effective living as this would help people to connect well with others both at work and in personal lives.

Obviously, there are many stress reduction methods, depending on your lifestyle preferences. You should at least participate in one or two activities, whatever they are, to help you to reduce stress in your life.
Schizophrenia is a disabling mental condition that is extremely complicated and hard to understand. This disorder is affecting up to 2 million people in USA today

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