Jumat, 03 Desember 2010

The Impact Schizophrenia Has On Families

It seems that the most affected of schizophrenia is the family and not the ill person. Families are seeking answers why their child has got ill, what might he have done do deserve the affection. Family members will try to stick together but eventually they will be torn apart by any crisis situations raised by the schizophrenic person.

Finding out that your child is schizophrenic is not easy to bearable. All kinds of feelings will appear from rage to sorrow, anxiety and guilt. People do not understand why that had to happen to them and will try to find an answer. Passing through all these feelings is a stage in accepting what had happened to the ill person.

Because they are in shock, some people might deny all they hear from the doctor and will refuse to accept the most obvious thing that their child is not well at all.

Some might be angry on the ill person and will refuse to pay any attention to the sick child. They can even end up wishing that the child would have never existed. Others will blame each other for the fact that their child is ill, they will think that they have not been good enough parents.

All these terrible feelings are just a part from the natural process of accommodation, from the stage that leads to soul healing and acceptance of the reality. But sometimes these manifestations continue to be present for a longer time than it should normally be and physical damage might install, like loss of weight, insomnia, even alcohol addiction.

Parents often ask themselves questions about how the future will be for the ill person, about who will take care of their child after they will no longer be able. These thoughts can bring on serious depressions and intense stress to the family.

Other children from the family might be terrified about the fact that they will have to continue their parents work with the ill person; they do not want to live their lives like their parents did, in a continuous search for answers and disillusions. They will eventually have to either sacrifice their lives in order to personally take care of their sister or brother or to live with a permanent feeling of guilt if they refuse to do that and give their relative in care to a hospital.

Having to take care of a schizophrenic person is not that easy as some might think and it needs a lot of time and most of all, patience, which not everybody has.

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