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Schizophrenia Management - How to Live with Schizophrenia

Schizophrenia is one of the few conditions in today's world of medical science that is without a cure. A highly difficult mental disorder to manage, Schizophrenia symptoms can be dormant at times and very serious at other times. Depending on the treatment and medication, Schizophrenia is a terrible disorder as it is common for friends, families who do not understand the condition to leave you. In many situations, Schizophrenia patients also can't hold on to their jobs. To live life again, it is vital for people suffering from Schizophrenia to learn how to cope with its symptoms.

Acceptance of the Reality

The patient must admit the fact that he is suffering from Schizophrenia. Usually, a Schizophrenic patient denies his suffering. He feels that people around him are lying; this is because of basic human tendency of refusal to things which prove one wrong. As the same time, Schizophrenia patient suffer from hallucinations which make it extremely challenging for him to differentiate between real life and illusion.

To tackle this situation, family members must provide the initial help with his medications and psychotherapy. The patient should also be sent for group therapy where he is made to realize that if he admits that he is suffering from the mental illness, it will make his life and others around him far easier. The patient who has admitted to reality is more likely to take his medications on time, discuss openly during psychotherapy sessions and gain the most out of all his treatments.

Knowledge about Schizophrenia

Knowledge about Schizophrenia is no doubt very important in order to cope with it. With better knowledge and understanding of the mental disorder, the patient will be in better capacity to cope and live with Schizophrenia. Family members will also be more understanding of the situation and response better to the patient. Hence, it is vastly important for the patient and family members to learn about the symptoms associated with Schizophrenia.

Living independently in a safe neighborhood

A Schizophrenic patient whose family members refuse to take care of him either due to lack of understanding or lack of funds can possibly live in an independent setting depending on the severity of his condition. However, it is vital for him to take his medication and visit his psychotherapist on time. Whenever possible, neighbors can also help to show some care and concern to make sure he takes his medications.

Living with Family or in a Hospital

It is advisable for a Schizophrenic patient to live with his family or in a hospital whenever possible. This is so that family members or medical professionals can keep track of the patient and make sure that he is taking his medications, attending group therapy sessions and meetings his psychotherapist on time. They can also keep track of the patient's behavior and see if it has improve over time.

A Schizophrenia patient is less susceptible to paranoid attack if he gets love, affection and support from various people around him; it definitely makes it easier for him to live and cope with Schizophrenia.

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